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Very well said.

I remember making up those Amalia kits. I'm STILL kicking myself for not grabbing one of the lovely turquoise Koigu Mori kits for myself.


It's not just you.. it happens alot.. in our even smaller community of loom knitting pattern designers I have had to defer designs alot, because being a homeschooling mom of 4 I have less time to get a design out there.. and seem to always be beaten to it!
Unfortunately many times the design is still in my brain when I see someone else come out with it! Frustrating!


@Denise -- it is frustrating, and it's part of the risk of what we do. But we know that it's right to defer the designs. We do. Thank you for sharing that, it's good to know the circle of people doing the right thing is rippling outwards.

@Sue -- my fave version of Amalia is my copper-rose coloured one in that Mori silk. :-)


I love Amalia. I knit one for a friend after seeing a sample in Shall We Knit. It is beautiful!

Issues of copyright when it comes to creative material are not straightforward or easy. Good luck!


@Karen - Thanks. It's by far my favourite design, for many of the reasons I've outlined in the post. And it's always so nice to hear someone else loves it, too.


So very well said Katherine! I've been there and decided to shelve patterns that were so close to being completed.

I saw the design you're describing and thought for sure it was your design knit up by someone, until I clicked through the link and my heart sank for you. Your designs are beautiful and well executed. I still remember the lurch my heart gave when I saw Amalia for the first time. And I have some very precious yarn saved to make one for myself one day.

You're in my thoughts.


Thanks, Janelle. My heart sinks every time I think about this. Can't remember the last time I felt so sad. The complication here is that the "new" design is a submission to a company,so I'm expecting to get steamrolled when it appears. Amalia will be pretty much dead at that point.

But I'll never stop shelving designs myself in a similar situtation. Never.


Hi Katherine,

I'm so sorry to hear about this...

As strange luck would have it, I just CO a few days ago for Hana-bi. I can see that it's going to take me forever (!!), so I can't even imagine how long you spend perfecting each design.

I met you once at SWK at their old location and thought you were so nice and all your designs were (are!!) beautiful.

All the best,


You have to do the right thing no matter what others do. In the end, you'll still be holding your head up high and they won't. Somehow I had not come across this design before (only on Ravelry less than a year!) but I love it, and will be showing my support shortly in more practical terms. Keep going, and try really hard not to let it get you down - we'll keep supporting you because of your integrity as well as your talent.

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